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Sep 4 2007, 11:00 AM
Sep 4 2007, 05:49 AM
And to think, only ten years ago during the summertime we had Kristen/Marlena in the secret room and Kristen's downfall, Sami faking her paralysis/amnesia and blackmailing Kate, Jack in prison for the murder of Peter Blake, and "the punch heard 'round the world" at Sami and Austin's wedding. Drama was high, ratings were huge, payoffs were complete and the cast was top notch.

Now, we've got newbie teens playing flight attendants and Santo/Colleen with fake wigs/mustaches and bad accents.

OMG, that was back when DAYS was can't miss tv! I sometimes have to wonder what might have happened if Reilly had stayed at DAYS(under Corday's control) and continued to build the show up.

I really, really miss the DAYS OF OUR LIVES from ten years ago. That excitement is gone and we'll never get it back again.

It just seemed like so much was going on, and no matter which story you were watching in any given segment, everything seemed so high-stakes and do-or-die. Some stories tied together while other stories were kept separate, yet everything managed to come across as packaged and presented so well and tightly woven.

Thought went into the smaller details. There was a cliffhanger not only at the end of every episode, but at the end of every scene and segment.

Something so tiny as a character walking through the door or lighting a candle was played with great dramatic pitch, so that the audience at home knew that if that character walked through the door or that candle was lit, it meant life/death or the downfall and destruction for someone.

And the payoffs... don't you MISS the payoffs? It seems like every story today gets off to a great start, and then just when the writers don't know how to end it properly, they simply let it fizzle out with no real payoff or ending. It makes the entire show seem pointless if there's no beginning, middle and end. Back in the day, we got payoffs to every story. Even with the LONG stories that lasted for several years (Stefano torturing J&M, Sami torturing A&C) there were several different payoffs and rewards along the way. Viewers were tortured with angsty tales for all our favorite couples, yet we were always given little nibbles of rewards to keep us tuned in and wanting more until the BIG payoffs in the end. Marlena learning the truth and kicking Kristen's ass in the secret room was a small payoff... Kristen going apeshit when her lies were exposed and Marlena was reunited with John was the BIG payoff.

Ahhhh, I just miss that show so much.

I miss the Days when I actually followed and cared about every single character and story.
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