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Sep 4 2007, 10:14 AM
It just seemed like so much was going on, and no matter which story you were watching in any given segment, everything seemed so high-stakes and do-or-die. Some stories tied together while other stories were kept separate, yet everything managed to come across as packaged and presented so well and tightly woven.

I think that was one of the biggest things I enjoyed about DAYS back then...remember when Eric showed up under Jimmy Reilly?! He was in the Kristen/John/Marlena/Roman story, the Austin/Carrie/Lucas/Sami story...

New characters and returns actually MEANT something.

And the payoffs... don't you MISS the payoffs? It seems like every story today gets off to a great start, and then just when the writers don't know how to end it properly, they simply let it fizzle out with no real payoff or ending. It makes the entire show seem pointless if there's no beginning, middle and end. Back in the day, we got payoffs to every story. Even with the LONG stories that lasted for several years (Stefano torturing J&M, Sami torturing A&C) there were several different payoffs and rewards along the way. Viewers were tortured with angsty tales for all our favorite couples, yet we were always given little nibbles of rewards to keep us tuned in and wanting more until the BIG payoffs in the end. Marlena learning the truth and kicking Kristen's ass in the secret room was a small payoff... Kristen going apeshit when her lies were exposed and Marlena was reunited with John was the BIG payoff.

Oh boy, do I ever miss the payoffs. The entire week being devoted to exposing someone's web of lies with that one episode during that week which centers mostly on the 3-4 characters who have been lied to for the past year or two.

I miss the DAYS OF OUR LIVES that used to reward viewer loyalty through continuing to give us good storytelling and gave us what we wanted at the end...even if it was for about a couple of months.

The only thing I don't miss about Reilly's DAYS is how we always ended up back at Square One instead of characters moving on. If Reilly had never left DAYS in 1997, we'd still have Sami chasing Austin, John and Marlena would still be broken up, and Billie still coming between Bo and Hope.

Ahhhh, I just miss that show so much.

I miss the Days when I actually followed and cared about every single character and story.

Me too.
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