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Twitney, make up your goddamned mind! Either you're going to forgive Chad for Vincentgate or you aren't....did she just say the other day that she was in the process of forgiving him? And now today she's practically damning his soul to hell! This is why her 'grieving' makes no sense to me, and why she shouldn't be allowed two feet near his corpse. Just leave Harmony and be gone, bitch!!

Why does Shitty always sound like she has a cold? Her voice gets hoarser and hoarser each eppy.

Think Fancy, THINK!! Your sister Shitty, who hates your guts, all of a sudden wants to make amends? And even on the off chance that she does, why in the bluedilly fuck would you go see her ALONE?! And stop being so goddamned charitable where Sheridumbass is concerned....Luis told her to leave so back him up, moron!! I'm so pissed at Luis giving Sheridumbass the time of day....he should have told Fancy exactly what was going on, instead of keeping the possibility that Marty was alive from her.

Fox/Esme/Vicki....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! I could take Fox and Esme, but Vicki has got to go! And Fox/Esme would be more believable if they had gotten together slowly but surely, and she could keep her slutty, boozy personality.
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