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Sharongate, bitches!

I don't think Days needs another new writer and the show definitely can't afford one (Corday is still paying off JER). However, I don't know how Jack Smith would go over with Days' core audience, sure they're used to a snail pace type of storytelling with JER's crap, but Smith's is a totally different type of vision.

I don't see Scott jumping at the chance to hire Smith anyway, since there's rumored bad blood between them. Remember when Ed Scott was fired in 2001 and David Shaughnessy replaced him? When David left, Sony made Jack Smith EP and rehired Scott in a nothing position as supervising producer, there's stories that the two couldn't stand one another.

Anyway, I think the Y&R exile that would probably be a better fit for Days would probably be Trent Jones. He's extremely versatile and has a history of being apart of successful writing teams at other shows (SFT, GL, ATWT).

But I go back to my original thought, why hire another new writer? Especially one that knows nothing about the history of the show, has never written for it, and probably doesn't know what made these characters special? Should they hire someone new, it could be another Hogan debacle.
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