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Days can't go through another HW change. It's too late in the game with the show's future in doubt. The show has gone through enough change as is.

Two of the biggest problems with Hogan's stint has been interference and execution. Hogan's writing is fine but he needs help balancing things out too and that is why he needs more writers who know the show on staff and a co-HW who is familiar with Days history and the characters. That would really improve things in my view.

Jack Smith is not a bad writer but my fear with him is he was very Reilly-like at times, especially in regards to pacing. I would hate for him to come to Days and think that he has to go way over the top due to Days' recent reputation of being campy. I just think Smith would end up doing more harm then good.

At this stage in the game, if Hogan had to go, I would pick someone who has already worked on the show and has experience. I would not hire Sheri Anderson as anything more then a co-HW. Same goes for Beth Milstein. Brash and Cwickly or one of them would be fine. I am behind that. I just think firing Hogan and going through yet another overhaul is not the right thing to do right now unless you have someone waiting in the wings that has already been with the show. I think Hogan just needs a little help and needs to also be left alone by a certain EP we all know loves to stick his nose where it doesn't belong.
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