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Steve Frame
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From Drtroy, All Scoops & Canadian TV Guide

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* Ashley questions Eric about Ridge and Brooke's relastoionship, and Eric says that they are meant to be together.
* Ridge goes ahead and hires a private investigator to get access to Andy's cell phone, and Ridge sees a a familiar phone number.
* After sharing the evidence with Brooke, Ridge surprises everyone with the news that Andy was helped by a family member.
* Stephanie is exposed as Andy's accomplice..
* Eric makes a life-altering decision.
* Brooke and Stephanie have a serious battle, unlike one they have never had before
* Stephanie is missing.
* Paul Williams visits LA.
* Eric and Donna become closer
* Donna becomes pregnant.
* Jackie is perturbed about Donna and Eric's relationship.
* Ridge proposes to Ashley. Ashley accepts.
* Nick doesn't know how to deal with the fact that Brooke could be the mother of the child that Taylor is carrying.
* Brooke interrupts Ashley and Ridge's big day.
* Brooke battles Ashley for a future with Ridge
* Taylor has her baby and we find out who mommy is... Brooke or the donor.
* Ric is determined to get Ashley away from Ridge
* Nick and Eric battle and only one company makes it
* Donna sleazes her way into Eric's heart and his home
* Brooke confronts Stephanie and her involvement in her rape

I like all of these except for the rinse, lather, repeat cycle of Brooke & Ridge.
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