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I love Jamie (and I liked Brandt...on the show)! Woo! Bring on the Asian!

I'm going to take the opposite tack, a technique I used back with Passions' Chad/Whitney pairing (and they decimated that one but good): I can't wait for this sorority storyline. I hope it's on at least 4 times a week, and I hope they...

(sorry, American Gladiators rerun- so typically early 90's X-Treme)

...cast a whole bunch of guys to be in a fraternity, too. I hope we get some kind of scene with a party and drugs <gasp!>, because when you've been involved with smuggling illegal aliens to sell them into prostitution, drugs <gasp!> would be shocking as hell, and probably necessary. And I love that they're digging the younger set into an age-related storyline because that always works.

Salem U 4-Eva!!11!
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