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Steve Frame
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Sep 4 2007, 08:02 PM
If they must give these younger characters air time, I guess a college setting is better than this awful TTS storyline. However, they have to keep this story off the front burner. DAYS will never be successful at building the younger cast if they keep shoving them in our faces 3-4 days a week at the expense of the vets. It causes resentment and keeps viewers from becoming invested in them. Introduce these characters and their story slowly so we gradually become interested in them. Of course, this hasn't been happening and that is why as soon as we hear about a casting call like "Ford Decker" or a spoiler about the trio of sorority girls we all get frustrated and angry and want to hate the story before it even begins.

Right on.

That is exactly why we do. You can only base your perceptions on the known and with Days the known at this point is that it most likely will not be just a minor story. For almost a year now the teen/younger scene has not been minor - they have been front burner now for 9 months straight and if you count Nick/Chelsea alone with Max/Mimi you can add a few months before that because Nick and Chelsea got quite a bit of airtime in latter 2006 too.

Even with a new EP aboard you can't change your perceptions because in his interviews he talks more about making the show better cosmetically and technically and better acting. There is no promise of better balance or better stories. So we can't even judge it on that.

Perceptions are just something it is going to take a while to change and then they have to be proven wrong before you can change them.
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