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This is a short week for As the World Turns.

Why are they driving CarJack fans crazy like they are doing with having these scenes with Carly and Jack like they did today?The Carly of old wouldn't tkae this crap from Jack,Brad and Katie! I hope when Jack wises up that Carly won't automatically take him back.

Lily went undercover today to dig up some information on Cheri.We saw shades of Rose in her disguise.

There was some more stuff with Noah and dear old dad and Luke and Maddie.

Richard Culliton did the best he could with what he had to work with!

So many people say that Jean Passanante has to go. I agree. But to get any significant change,Goutman has to go too!A new HW with Goutman's control won't be any better,IMHO!
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