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Ideally, and I know I'll get slammed: Reilly, with a restriction. There already is a deadline of sorts, but I'd give him a firm end date for his tenure so that storylines have to move forward.

Much as I hated the stupid neverending kidnapping crap, his stories have been my favorites on the show, I enjoyed a fair share of Passions, and I enjoy the over-the-top style (to a degree) when watching soaps. I mean, I'd rather have a writer embrace the inherent ridiculousness of certain things than one who tries to play it straight.

I also think that only Reilly can bring me what I need to see most of all at this point, and that's a strong female villain (or villains) attacking our would-be lovers (I prefer to root against couples, and a villain on the rampage helps me do that). I'll take Jan & a cage over Random Chick in Vegas & her kids. At least that way there's no expectation that I like either party in a couple, and I have a character on-screen to identify with and hold my interest.

C & B would also be interesting. I don't remember seeing them execute very much, but they did seem to have a plan in place, and writers who bring a solid foundation- and are allowed to write it out- is part of what the show needs.
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