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Viewing Single Post From: Passionate Days Ahead...(well almost...)

Sep 5 2007, 03:28 PM
I know it's crazy but I still say Marty is the E/Gwen "love child." Thus, confirming that Gwen is really and truly an evil bitch to have given Marty plastic surgery so Sheridan couldn't RECOGNIZE HER OWN DAMN CHILD! The timing is just too perfect.

Meanwhile, I'm worried for Mindy Seward. She's just WAY too hoarse! Get well, girl!

As for Sheridan, Tuesday's episode painted her as a true pervert. Did you see how long she gazed at Lucy's SEX SHEETS?! I mean, you just DON'T do that in civilized society. I was almost wondering if the tramp would smell them, just to get a whiff of Luis' dried-up spilled seed! :o

I seriously doubt Gwen's kid is going to turn out to be Marty...at least I hope it doesn't. JER's already done a good enough job at ruining Gwen's character lately.

And LMAO at your last paragraph! The sad thing is, Sheridan actually is whacked enough to do some crazy shit like that! :lol:
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