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Sep 5 2007, 11:17 PM
Dear, Twitney is Whitney.

So far, she's said goodbye to Theresa and she says 'buh-bye' to Skeve tomorrow....my point is, you'd think that JERKass would at least give Brook one goddamned scene with Rodney (T.C.)!!

Oh, thank God I didn't miss the Skeve goodbye! :o At first I thought I was going crazy and she already said all these goodbyes to everyone in Harmony. :unsure:

You should know: I REALLY thought today was Brook's last episode. They made it sound so final, the way Theresa talked.

Glad to know we get more of a payoff than THAT.

Although, let's talk about Theresa for a moment. I love the girl and all, but if you were Ethan, would you REALLY forgive her so easily? Not about the keeping secrets thing but about NOT SHUTTING THE FUCK UP, telling EVERYONE, COUNTLESS TIMES how he wiggled his fingers and gave the sign that they're going to be together. BRAGGING like a little bitch who got her way.

It's SUCH a turn-off.
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