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Steve Frame
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I went with writers who will basically only write for a few people.

AMC (Brown/Esensten) - never have impressed me and not impressing me at all with this Crash story so far; still too much Kendall.

ATWT (JP) - writes for the same damn people pretty much all the time. Her time is done. She needs to go today.

Days (HS) - Hogan is writing what he wants to write and it is still for teh same people. And the teeny bopper set will wrap up the TTS story and move right into another while J/M and Bope continue to function as window-dressing. Hogan is a total failure at Days IMO. For Hogan every story ends up being a Sami story too.

GH (Guza) - Every story turns into a Jason story lately - even Alan's death. Write for someone new for a change. You have more history with GH than any current head writer and you still don't use the history of the show. You have ties all the way back to the early 80's, but who would know it.

Y&R (Latham) - Latham I had high hopes for you. Like Sheffer you are a good writer but not for Y&R. Just like he has ruined Days you have ruined Y&R.

I know many want Kriezman gone, and I admit he does have his problems, but the biggest plus he has going for him is he writes for everyone. At least currently he does, and I love that. GL has better balance than any show on right now.
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