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Steve Frame
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All of us at times come up with story ideas that we would love to see acted out on screen or we feel would work.

For instance, one story I had back in the 80's when they first brought Iva on and said she was adopted was that I felt Iva should have been made a daughter of Penny Hughes and Jeff Baker. A tie to history and a tie to family. How wonderful it would have been to have Lily tied to the Hughes family and thus even Luke today.

Another story that I would love to propose for ATWT is a return to history as well.

When ATWT debuted there was a lot of talk about Chris & Nancy's daughter Susan who died by drowning, and Nancy made the statement that why did it have to be Susan and implied that it should have been Penny. My story idea picks back up on that statement.

I would love to have them hire an actress like Augusta Dabney, Meg Mundy or Virginia Dwyer or even a big name like Joan Fontaine or Olivia de Havilland but Dabney would be my first choice to come to ATWT for the short term role of Edith Hughes Frey. Edith has found out she is dying, and wants to return to Oakdale to do so. Since Ruth Warrick is dead, she could not do this so one of those actresses would be nice.

She also wants to clear the air with a secret she has been hiding. She convinces her favorite niece Penny to come home too. Penny was always close to Edith which angered Nancy. Nancy & Penny are a lot closer now, and she would fight her sister-in-law Edith on revealing the secret to Penny.

It would finally be revealed that Penny was really Edith's daughter from an affair she had as a young girl. To avoid the public scandal of being pregnant out of wedlock, Chris and Nancy adopted Penny and raised them as her own. It is a secret they have kept hidden for all these years. Not even Bob or Don knew about it.

It would not have to be a long drawn out story but could include so many of the Hughes family and give them a special story - a final hurrah I guess you could say since the writers are not interested in writing for them now.
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