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These are just small ideas, nothing too detailed, but here are some stories I'd like to see for DAYS.

- Kristen returns to town and stalks Marlena. John, shocked to discover that she is alive, catches Kristen and tells her in no uncertain terms that she will never have him. Finally, Kristen accepts it, and begins to move out of John and Marlena's orbit. Whatever she does, Kristen is not part of a triangle.
- Jack returns to Salem bringing with him news that Jennifer has been presumed dead in a car explosion in London. Jack and Billie become close, but then Billie gets a lead from an old ISA contact that may possibly prove Jen is alive somewhere. Jack, Billie, Steve, and Kayla go on an old-school DAYS adventure following the lead.
- Sheila Carter crosses over to DAYS to lay low in Salem, and during her time on the show, strikes an unholy alliance with Stefano.

For GL, I would have Mallet killed by Griggs or another of his former associates, and then have Dinah seek vengeance Kill Bill-style. I just want Dinah to go back to being a scheming bitch.
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