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Sep 6 2007, 03:25 PM
Look Shericunt, since your pain is ‘all Luis’ fault’ then why in the bluedilly fuck are you bothering him for help? Instead of being a goddamned stupid masculine simpering twit, always wanting the big, strong man to save you, here’s a thought to consider….find Marty your damned self, bitch!! Luis should have told her just that before walking away from her dumbass.

Just noticed that Twitney’s necklace, and it is beautiful….that said, bye-bye, bitch, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!! I will never forgive that fat fuck JER for not giving Brook a farewell with Rodney; anger issues aside, T.C. should have had a proper goodbye with his ‘Princess’ (is that what he called Twitney?) and ‘Sugar Bear’ (Simoron).

Skeve, not ‘everyone’ is leaving you….in fact, you’re the one that left T.C., remember him? So you really need to STFU after all, you now have Julian (rolls eyes).

I honestly don't see why you're so upset with JER for this. For all you know Rodney wasn't evil available. Good grief, give the man a break.
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