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Kay Alden Nelson

September 6, 2007

The Emmy Award-winning soap opera writer (former head writer on "The Young & the Restless") now writes for "The Bold and the Beautiful."

I have always wanted to be a soap opera writer.

Living in Chicago has been easier for me personally because my entire extended family is here now.

I will say that there are times when it is hugely helpful to be away from the studio and not caught in the fray of whatever political things may be going on.

When you're a head writer or on the head writing team and you visit California, you're like a celebrity, and so that's pretty neat.

It's a very lucrative career. Per episode, you don't make anything like the same amount of money as somebody who writes a nighttime show.

I love the genre because I love visiting these characters every day and being able to dig inside their psyches and see what makes them tick.

Even though I've had help for many years, I've been able to have my children very nearby and watch them grow up and see them take their first steps -- the things that many, many women who have a wonderful career have to miss.

When people refer to things like the soap opera that's going on in Washington, I always have a little smile at that.

Right now, everyone should start paying attention to current events and politics. I think we are in a very alarming era in terms of our incredible nation that since 1776 has been a bastion of individual rights and a hallmark for the oppressed of the world.

I feel our liberties being compromised and it terrifies me.

The tendency to compromise liberties in the desire to protect ourselves from terrorism, and what's happened in terms of the war on terror has become very frightening to me.

I so love this city, and it is a beautiful city and it is a city that seems to work and work well, so you have to credit the people in charge with making that happen.

We always need the people that are looking out for where the corruption is residing. The watchdogs.

As in running any huge corporation or any huge dynamic system, will [a city] completely run effectively by a pure system of rules that can be maintained by a computer with no human interaction so there's no way in which the greased palm functions? Well, gosh, I think it's probably outside the nature of humanity for that to be the case.

For most of my life, prior to hitting on this soap opera gig, I had intended to teach.

I love the ambience of being on a college campus and I just find that environment exciting.

What writer has had a steady gig for 30 years? It sort of almost doesn't happen.
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