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SNS panned the finale (most of the posters). Glad to see we've got some lovers here!

I ADORED the finale.

I think almost every segment ended with an ET scene, did it not? And each ending was building toward that incredible cliffhanger for them.

Mac almost got me to cry. I LOVED that Marty reveal! Although, I'm STILL pissed that Marty, miraculously, has black hair now. Um, Sheridan, OF COURSE the video's current; he had blonde hair and was a year younger last year!

Speaking of that, who else enjoyed how graphic and cold Sheridan was with Spike? It's just UNREAL to see a character do a 180 like that, compared to '99. But IMMENSELY entertaining. And I have to say, who else noticed Sam touching Julian's arm? We saw HUGE character movement since '99 from that too. They're like friends or something now! And Sivy are back ON again?! I liked it more than I thought I would.

Meanwhile, Fox getting shot was surprisingly good and final and GRAPHIC!!! :wub: And I swear, I think I know who shot him. VIKKI. I swear, that girl isn't fooling me. She killed her parents and because Fox looks like her father, she shot and killed him. Mark my words: Vikki is a VIPER. She's a FAKE. She's MUCH more than meets the eye.

I was just a little disappointed that Eve didn't realize Val was Vin.

Tabitha and Migs/Endora finale was just EPIC. Where did poor Endora go?!

WAY TO GO, JER. A missing child? Somewhere in the bowels of HELL, no less? You better BELIEVE I'm getting DirecTV to find out what the hell happened to her.

OMG, what an amazing episode! I'm still REELING from the high. a
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