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Sep 7 2007, 02:06 PM
What a great cliffhanger show

I never thought Erin Cardillo (Esme) could do dramatic, but she was great. Vicki is so the murderess ;)

McKenzie seems to have went from being a horrible actress to one of Passions best. "Take no shit" Sheridan is awesome

I'm with you . Vicki (or Vikki) -- damn, how do you spell that bitch's name?!! -- is the murderess. It's the most intriguing story for me because it's the ONLY new, as in new, new story that "Passions" hasn't done with a character who's new, new, lol.

I have to be nostalgic or sentimental or whatever the right word is. I wonder, if, in Lindsay Korman's little mind, all those years ago when Passions premiered, she knew that JER had all along intended to make her the face of the show. Today's show reinforced it. The way almost every segment (or was it every one) faded out with her and Ethan and the culmination of their love story on NBC. And you can't imagine how turned on I got from ALL those "money" lines they gave her, for a finale. "After EIGHT YEARS" of this, "Eight years..." and "Finally, after eight years..." today and even earlier this week.

It's just amazing to track the Ethan/Theresa love story, Lindsay's progress, Theresa's character, over the years... oh, I'm getting too nostalgic.

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