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From www.glbuzz.com (freda13); source (SOD - GL Fall Preview, September 4, 2007 issue)

This fall everything's up for grabs in Springfield." declaes Head Writer David Kreizman."We'll see the beginning of some surprising and complicated new romances, as well the return of some characters who are sure to shake things up".

Casse/Josh: "Cassie's desire to bring a new child into the life she shares with Josh takes a surprising turn and brings one of Springfield's most notorious characters back into the fold."

Dinah/Mallet: "the 'new ' Dinah makes a fateful choise that will alter her marriage to Mallet forever."

Reva/Jeffrey: [Their] budding relationship cracks at the seams when Reva and Alan leave town and return with a shocking secret. This wil tie to [the book] Jonathan's Story, which will be released September 18."

Billy/Lizzie: "Billy and Lizzie's oddball friendship faces atest when a member of [Billy's] family runs in into some unexpected trouble."

Ashlee/Coop: Ashlee and Coop finally get together, But as Buzz versus Doris election draws near, Ashless learns something about her past that could ruin the Cooper family.

Rafe/Daisy: Daisy and Rafe's romance reaches anew level, but a crisis sets off an emotional bomb in their families.

Gus/Natalia: Gus attempts to create a family for Rafe and Natalia, but finds himself running into an unexpected stumbing block:Alan.

Cyrus/Marina: Cyrus reveals to Marina he plans to steal from Alexandra and the Spauldiings. He proposes that she run away with him to start a new life, but the plan has dire consequences for Marina. Harley, still hurting form Gus's betrayal, must step in to help Cyrus save [Marina]."
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