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Okay, so I have been busy at work and with studying, so I didn't comment really much this week.

But I really liked it!

Nothing major is going on, but it's still interesting.

I didn't watch Friday yet, so my comments are about Tue - Thu.

It's so awesome to have Georgie three days a week! Her and Spinelli are really cute together and I hope they really do get a storyline of their own. What I didn't like was how, Georgie was talking about Jason being a murderer, yet she's talking about it as if he's a mailman or whatever... like it's a completely normal profession.

I love having Alexis back! I missed NLG so much! She's wonderful! Can't wait to see her get caught up more into this Trevor/Ric war around Molly! Speaking of Trevor, he's another great addition to the cast! GH definitely has the best newbies this year!

And Kate and Sonny are GREAT! I only actually love Sonny when he's with Kate or Alexis!

It's so stupid that writers didn't develop Coop's character more. Because Maxie and Coop WERE popular in the beginning! When they were trapped together during the hostage crisis, people LOVED them from the get go and even hoped that Coop was staying on the show. Then the writers totally dropped Coop and he started to appear like 5 times a month.

I am liking Maxie/Logan/Lulu a bit more now. But I hate that Lulu will be heartbroken.

I hope Maxie/Lulu catfight is arriving! :D

I actually liked Lucky and Liz being nice to each other on Thursday. It reminded me so much why I loved them in the past!!

Carly is a bitch and I wish she died. I think I'm gonna say this sentence in every post of mine until this happens.. :lol:

And what is up with Nikolas' office leasing stuff? And the whole Alfred thing? Is that a part of a new storyline for Nikolas? I am totally confused about that... :lol:

Even if we did have the dominance of Carly again this week, it was nice seeing Georgie, Alexis, Nikolas, Emily, Ric, Maxie.. featured more. I wish Qs are featured more too.

GH has been the most consistent soap this year IMO.
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