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Sep 8 2007, 08:15 PM
Manny I am down on soaps now but I do try to judge them in light of what is good and what is bad compared to today's standards. And even though GH has had some bad months, I agree that consistently this year it has been a lot better than the other soaps.

I felt it actually had a more consistent 2006 even though it was nothing to greatly brag about, and it didn't get a nom for that. So who knows. In this present day of ever increasing politics who knows what the Emmy noms will look like.

I do feel that GH will pull SOD's Best Show of 2007 and repeat last years win in that category - unless somebody pays SOD a little more money for the honor. LOL

I actually am down on soaps myself, so I can totally understand you... if it weren't for MetroCourt Crisis that brought me to GH, I would not be watching ANY soap right now! I gave up Y&R and DAYS this year... and other soaps didn't do a lot to make me start watching.

I didn't watch GH in 2006, so I can't really judge...
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