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Sep 8 2007, 03:23 AM
Sep 7 2007, 09:24 PM
Oh, JER, you're amazing!!!

This was the PERFECT finale for NBC.  The only flaw I really had was that EVERY scene ended with Theresa and Ethan, which was basically the least exciting until the end.  Anyway, onto all my thoughts on the episode....

Kay/Tabitha/Miguel/Endora/Demons- GREAT STUFF!!!  Perfect supernatural climax.  I love that Miguel knows about Tabitha and Kay now, but good grief....Adrian sure didn't put forth any acting effort in his last day!

Fox/Esme/Vikki- I kind of think that Vikki is a red herring.  I mean, I know there's more to her than meets the eye, but I don't think she was Fox's shooter.  As much as I hated Fox for most of this year, these passed few weeks he's been great.  The actress who plays Esme did a fantastic job handling the ending scenes with his death.

Sheridan/Spike- I LOVE LOVE LOVED these scenes!!!  Mac was just amazing and I wish JER would let Sheridan become the leading heroine again because Mac is proving that she can handle it. 

Luis/Fancy/Alistiar/Pretty- I didn't expect the blood and headaches.  I thought this would turn into an "Evil Fancy" story but I'm pleasantly surprised. :)

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen- LMAO at the ending!!! Even though I saw it coming from a mile away, the way it played out was PERFECT!  I loved Gwen's evil grin at Theresa and Theresa's look of horror and shock.  :lol:  :lol:

Vincent/Valerie/Eve- Just like the Gwen's baby stuff, this was predictable but enjoyable.  I loved seeing Valerie again.

Did anyone notice that all of the original cast members were on today?  :)  :)

psycho, the fact that every seg ended with ET was my FAVORITE part. I felt it was very fitting and appropriate to build with that story, slowly but emotionally, just to pay homage to the contribution of Theresa's character to daytime, Lindsay as an actress, and the ET love affair that has driven the show since the beginning. It was also great because, having things built up so slowly and happily, for the unspoiled, really made the Gwen reveal priceless and shocking. The mood IMMEDIATELY changed and I think that's what made that cliffhanger a hit, most of all. You needed that quiet before the storm.

As for Vikki, I disagree, Phoenix. I think it doesn't matter that we can safely guess she's the killer. The REAL hook to this story is WHY. Why does this silent, conservative, otherwise sensible looking girl act this way? What makes her a killer? WHY did she kill her parents? Just what is up with her?

I am VERY intrigued to learn EACH AND EVERY one of those answers.

As for the Fancy brain chip thing, I think it's brilliant. Yes, "Days" did it but is that why it's stupid? Not a good enough excuse until you see it play out on THIS show. Having said that, I APPLAUD JER for having the courage to tell a socially relevant story such as this one. Let's face it guys, in these times, more so than in 2000 when "Days" did it, this actually COULD happen. It's a scary thought, but it's plausible and possible. And frankly, on this show, I'd BOYCOTT the show if Al, this man who's "richer than God," DIDN'T go to these kinds of extremes, since he has the money to do such a thing. How else could he control Fancy? Maybe through hypnotism, old school. But that's not fun because where are the gadgets and the flashing lights of the secret room whence he controls her? :lol: Besides, that's not very socially relevant since we need to be warned and on guard from identity THEFT, which, I fear, will soon include devious acts such as this one, and take on a more literal meaning.

JSF...don't get me wrong. I have no problem with controversial stories or stories that push the envelope. I would like to see it more. Hell, I gave JER props for going the all out incest route. I didn't even complain when it was revealed Chad slept with his own uncle. However, when it is revealed Julian has had sex with his own son, that is a little too much. Although, it should be noted, we have no idea how long Vincent has been disguised as Valeire. Perhaps it wasn't until recently. I think there is more to this because I can't see JER going that far.

As for Viki, I just hope she is a read herring. Yes, even if she is the killer, it's interesting. I just want JER to shock me with one of his mysteries because he hasn't in a long time. Passions Red and Vendetta were disappointing and so was the Vincent reveal, even if it gave us great story. All those were predictable. I just want him to make it look like Viki did it and then shock us by saying someone else did it. If it's Viki, I am ok with it as there is potential there but I guess I lean a bit more in the other direction too.

We will have to disagree on T/E/G. The buildup during the finale was fine but they did not have to drag things out the whole week at the expense of other stories. I would've loved to see TC say goodbye to his daughters and it would've been nice if Simone had some actual goodbye scenes. Same goes for Edna and Norma, both of whom disappeared without a mention. Some more Fox/Esme buildup scenes wouldn't have hurt too.

The brain chip thing is something I am not all out bashing. I am bashing the premise of the brain chip but I do like the turn it took with Fancy's bloody nose and the effect it is having on Pretty. It's helping Pretty's character IMO. I just don't like the use of the brain chip because, to me, JER can do what he is trying to do here in other ways. That's all.

I am so glad Kenny mentioned the Kristian/Sheridan comparison. While I hated how quick she transformed, that is definitely what Sheridan has become. She is like the Passions version of Kristen and it has awakened MW from her acting slumber.

I can see why some find this finale underwhelming. Like I said, up until the last 15 minutes, it was dull. The whole week was up until that point and the show should've been firing on all cylinders all week right up until the final moment. I also think they should've indicated that this was the last NBC show somehow. It felt like nothing special and they could've done more to give closure to those who won't be able to see the show whether they did it through flashbacks or historical mentions. I mean, there were little things like some Passions traits and plot points coming full circle and some mentions in dialogue but alot of it was so subtle that I'm not sure everyone caught on.
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