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Sep 8 2007, 08:44 AM
Well, another era on NBC Daytime is gone. AW and Sunset Beach went bye-bye... now so does Passions. Days stands alone, and will soon fall as well.

This finale was a big letdown, for me personally.

Every scene should've MEANT something. I mean, yes... for a 'regular' episode of Passions, it was good. But for the final episode on NBC? It should've been more engrossing, more meaningful and sweeping. I wanted to see the sense of community that I used to feel in Harmony. I wanted a throwback to the 1999 Carnival days, the innocent days! I wanted to see dramas and payoffs that we've been waiting for throughout the ENTIRE series -- not just for the current stories/twists.

Where were the flashbacks and the meaningful "this is THE moment we've waited for" conversations? Also, I found that the background music really did nothing to enhance the scenes as it should've.

Also, this episode had way too much villain-y stuff. Vincent/Valerie, Sheridan/Spike, Alistair/Pretty. This show's over-the-top villains should've been toned down, at least for this final network-aired episode.

I mean, if it wasn't the finale, I would've said it was great. Because for a regular episode, it WAS great. It reminded me quite a bit of the JER from the 90's. Multiple stories playing out with payoffs and cliffhangers in each. Stories played somewhat more seriously than they have been... which is really what the show needed, IMO. It was a nice change of pace. However, for a FINALE? IMO, the finale episode should've been all that and then some, and unfortunately... it lacked.

I wanted a Timmy flashback from Tabitha, at least once. And why wasn't Charity mentioned, even once? This show used to revolve around her pathetic ass! LoL

The Miguel/Tabitha/Kay scenes were ridiculous. Lame. Such hideous acting from everyone! What was the point, anyway? Dark side, saintly side... who gives a fuck? Endora's fucking four! Move along.

The Sheridan/Spike scenes were good. McKenzie Westmore kicks ass as a gun-toting madwoman! She reminds me so much of Kristen Blake DiMera, LoL. I totally think that JER is modeling her after Kristen! I love her attitude of "there's no such thing as going TOO FAR to get what I want!" I also loved the way that the dramatic music from the Sheridan/Spike scene ("You had better show me that calendar close up before I shoot you close up!") carried right over to the Luis/Fancy scene with her in bed grabbing her nose. That was a musical cue that I actually enjoyed.

Theresa/Ethan... YAAAAWN. I hate any hospital/hovering over the bed scenes, on any soap. Puts me to sleep everytime! As a Theresa/Ethan fan, I think they should've had a really sweet payoff for this finale. I also think a really fun ending would've been for us to see a picture of Ethan/Theresa on the cover of a magazine as some young, teenage girl rips the picture in half... a total throwback to the very first time we saw Theresa ripping the magazine picture of Ethan and Gwen in half. Only now, Theresa's in the same position that Gwen was in when Theresa came into her life and 'ripped it to shreds.'

But, the last dramatic moment with Gwen walking in, carrying the baby in her arms... that was good. Totally unexpected from me, too! A definite shocker. Can't believe JER still has it in him! LoL

Anyway, buh-bye, Passions! It's been an experience. I hope those switching to DirecTV don't expect any of these story threads to be wrapped up. In fact, half of the cliffhangers are probably just red herrings that won't lead anyplace, LoL.

Well, as evidenced from my past comments, I almost totally disagree with you, lol. I loved the finale and thought it delivered in every way. The fact is, NBC didn't ADVERTISE it as the last NBC episode (something I'm still pissed from), so why should JER write it as a last NBC episode? I'd wager that a minority of fans even knew it was the last NBC episode since a minority of them are media-savvy about these things, and NBC sure as heck didn't advertise it as such. I think, though the show didn't serve as a great "finale," (as in series), it served as an incredible season finale. It definitely got me hooked and hoping to get DirecTV.
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