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morlock sevigny

At some stage on Another World,I woild have had Rachel's father Gearald return.
Rachel would have been alerted that a mysterious buyer was purchasing her artwork and she would have discovered it was Gerald.

After his prison stint he hade made a success of his life and now runs a string of boutique hotels.He opens one in Bay City(a work place and meeting place for characters).In the process he became estranged from Pam,due to her selfishness.

Rachel would have had mixed feelings about her father at first,but realising that like herself he had changed,would have allowed him into her life.

Ada would be less forgiving but accepted Geralds new place in Rachel's life.

Gerald would reveal he was terminally ill and his associate,a handsome younger man,would be like the son he never had.Gerald would be devoted to this man.It would be revealed that he is in cahoots with Pam.

After Gerald cut her out of his life and his will,she saw the opportunity to have her lover worm his way into Gerald's life.

As Gerald re-unites with Rachel she persudes him to mend fences with Pam.

Pam and her lover would then "fall in love" and Pam would be back in Geralds will.

However,not all goes to plan...
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