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Steve Frame
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Last week:

Carly leaves with Brad, and Katie tells Jack she can't stop Carly only he can. Jack confronts Carly about her behavior and says he won't let her hurt Katie. Carly realizes she has lost Jack for good. Katie brings up the idea of her and Jack having kids, and he tells Katie he does not want any more children. Lily goes undercover and learns there was a dangerous man in Cheri's life. Dusty asks if Lily is ready to sacrifice her marriage to help him. Col. Mayer catches Noah and Maddie kissing, as Holden and Luke have a heart-to-heart about Lily and Noah. Noah sees Luke with another guy, and Luke calls Noah on his jealousy. The company's assets have been frozen, and Craig realizes Paul is behind it. Paul says that's just the beginning of the end. Dr. Akido tells Will and Gwen she can only carry a baby with a donated egg. Paul offers to pay for Gwen's medical procedures, as Gwen tells Alison the doctor gave them good news. Alison offers to be Gwen's donor. Gwen tells Will she wants Alison to be their surrogate.

SNEAK PEEK: Craig and Meg join forces.
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