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Steve Frame
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Last week:

Alan gets a phone call telling him Jonathan is alive in Tourmaline, Calif. Billy hides his flask as Vanessa approaches. Billy and Lizzie see that the building they sent Cassie and Josh to collapsed. Gus rushes to the hospital to check on Natalia. Harley breaks down in Daisy's arms, pulls off her wedding ring and walks away, as Rafe comforts Gus. Natalia and Remy agree to try being together again. Cyrus remembers stealing jewels from wealthy women in Europe with Dinah. Alex tells Marina she wants to know that Cyrus isn't going to leave her for Marina. Marina is about to tell Alex the truth when Alex informs her Cyrus is just trying to get her into bed. Cyrus agrees to give Dinah a cut of the money, and he asks for a down payment. Dinah admits she's spying for Alex but when Mallet wants her to return the money, she grabs the cash and says to hell with him. As a means to deal with Dinah's medical bills, Mallet steals money from a police bust.

SNEAK PEEK: Billy can't hold his liquor.
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