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Steve Frame
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Bella, For me when I say consistent I am talking about in interest and technical caliber.

I have not noticed as many boring drops and technical downfalls as I have noticed on many of the other soaps.

As far as who is being featured there is not one soap on that is consistent on that except for GL. But they have lacked in so many other areas - esp. in the boring department up until recently.

GH has not featured who it should be featuring but their new characters have been interesting. They have not taken over the show but have been integrated well. They have done well at establishing new couples to root for which no other show has done well for me. They have actually managed to make me like Kirsten Storms which I felt I never would be able to do.

They need to fix a lot of things. I am so over Liason and tired of the Jason show. Sad but if you watch soaps today you have to deal with that. You complain but just go on, but with the stupid writers we have today you have to deal with it.

The way I look at it if I rated GH this way - in regards to:

what it should be: fails big time
what it used to be: fails big time
what it can be: fails big time

for what it is: passes unlike any other
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