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I'd love to see a storyline on B&B involving Felicia questioning/experimenting with her sexuality. From synopses and seeing both Colleen Dion/Lesli Kay play the role, I wish Brad were bold enough to write a love story between Felicia and another female. She's so free spiritied that I could see Fefe doing that.

Maybe not so much define Felicia as a lesbian, but as someone who would fall for a woman. And not to create conflict between she and Stephanie(Steph has already said she would support Felicia if she were a lesbian because she has lots of gay friends). But to tell a story about love between two women. It doesn't have to be a big deal that Felicia's bi, because Ridge, Thorne, and Kristen would be like, "We kind of suspected it growing up" or whatever.

Instead of Ashley falling for Rick, I'd love to see Felicia and Ashley have a fling. The chemistry between Eileen Davidson and Kay was off-the-charts in that one scene they shared months ago. Imagine the shock on the faces of Genoa City residents when Ashley comes to visit for weddings and funerals with her "partner," Felicia.
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