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Sep 9 2007, 09:32 AM
That sounds like a good story Morlock. I always felt that Gerald and Pam should have come over to AW too.

For AMC, I always felt that Rae should have come over to the show after OLTL wrote her off. It would have been nice for Myrtle to have a daughter and she could mingle well with so many there.

One story I had proposed on another board was for Myrtle to fall on the stairs at the boarding house and break her hip.

Rae could have come back to Pine Valley to care for her mother and see after the Boutique and the boarding house.

Shortly after arriving the Tyler Mansion would go up for sale with Erica and several others competing to buy it. Erica really wanted it since it is the oldest house in Pine Valley and was owned by the Queen Phoebe and plus it would anger Brooke for Erica to own it.

Marian would be the broker and even after it sells - not to Erica - she wouldn't tell anyone. All the members of Pine Valley get an invitation to a costume party at the Tyler Mansion. Givens everyone and the AMC costume department another chance to show their stuff with a big fancy party. The Tyler Mansion is now more gothic looking and late in the evening when it is time to reveal everyone's faces, the host emerges.

Originally I had planned for it to be Charles Keating as Ansel Cambias - Alex Cambias' long lost estranged brother. I would probably stick with that even though since then Alex was found alive and all. I would just want to forget that.

Everyone would be shocked at him being in town and to learn Zach had an uncle. But esp. Rae.

Ansel would set himself up to be an enemy to everyone in town - Palmer, Adam, JR, and Zach as well as the Fusion girls and Erica. A big corporate story would embark that would have all of them fighting one another.

At the same time, Myrtle notices Rae being upset about Ansel esp. when Ansel starts taking a liking to Kendall. It is not she is jealous of Kendall - just worried about her.

Ansel does want Kendall and sets out to break up Kendall and his nephew.

It would finally be revealed that Rae had an affair with Ansel years ago. She was in love with him and wanted to marry him, but he was too eat up with hatred for his brother and trying to win his father's love that he couldn't see it. Plus she was poor and he needed a more upscale wife to charm his father. Ansel set out breaking up his brother's marriage.

Rae finally learned she was pregnant and told Alexander about it. He offers to help her get out of town but she can't give up on Ansel. She makes up her mind to tell him she loves him and goes to tell him along with Alexander. They find Ansel in bed with Alexander's wife. Rae runs out.

Alex and his wife separate but then it was discovered that Ansel raped Alex's wife. Rather than go through the public scandal Ansel & Alex's father convinced Ansel to leave town and banished him. Alex and his wife tried to help Rae and when Rae told them she couldn't have an abortion they agreed to take the child and raise him. That child was Zach which would explain why Myrtle and Zach always felt a special attachment.

I know that it is a similar story that has been done but it would involve so many of AMC's cast and so many others could be incorporated. Ansel could be set up as a very hated villian in town and not a super villian either.

In the backdrop of the corporate story, I would have had JR switching loyalties and going to work for Palmer. Scott would return to town and go to work for Chandler. Despite being raised by Stuart, Scott would end up being more like his uncle Adam now. He and Adam would grow close, and JR would feel betrayed esp. when Adam mentions in passing that Scott is so much like him and really has the balls to make it while JR has too much of his mother in him. JR and Scott would become rivals in many ways.

So you would have all of them trying to fight against Ansel, but at the same time fighting within themselves.

One thing I might add to this story is that Rae instead would have learned she had twins, one being Zack the other being Skye. You could finally tie up Skye's poaternity once and for all but alos it would cause a lot of conflict for Adan to know that his once beloved daughter is really the daughter of one of his biggest enemies.
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