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Steve Frame
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This is wonderful and is wonderful publicity for the show. The Biloxi area where my ex-inlaws live has been virtually forgotten by everyone during this whole Katrina mess, but they were hit just as hard if not harder than other areas.

I am not saying we should pick one over the other but New Orleans was a bigger and better known city so of course they got the publicity, but these people in Southern Mississippi lost just as much if not more.

I have been to the area last October a year after the hurricane hit and it was still a mess. One big Interstate and connection for major cities is still not open. The only saving grace for the city is they were able to restore some of the casinos really quick or the city would have probably went under financially but that has helped to pull some tourists back into the area.

It took my in-laws who live an almost 45 minute drive away from the ocean a little over a year to get back into their home. They were lucky in that they didn't lose their home completely or lose all their belongings as the water only got up into thier home at about 4 feet so they were able to save a few things. Also it was not completely running water and did not wash it all away.

My ex-wife's brothers home was hit harder as the water just rushed through and carried everything they had off. All that was left standing was the studs of the house and part of the roof. It was just all carried off by running water.

Good for GL to do this. I am sure they could have taken the money they have used for this project and put it into the show, but they will get a lot more mileage out of this.
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