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morlock sevigny

The story continues...

As Pam spends more time with the Corys and Gerald she begins to soften in her plans for revenge. She also becomes attracted to Mitch(I found Mitch/Felicia boring)and grows close to Matthew-revealing she had a son that died while young.

'Reece" her lover senses that Pam is changing and is worried that he may be out of the picture.He switches her birth control pills and Pam becomes pregnant.Reece acts thrilled as is Gerald and Reece proposes marriage.Pam agrees but soon after the wedding Pam miscarries and is depressed,feeling she lost the baby as punishment for her previous scheming.

Mitch is constantly on the scene,and Reece feels Pam is slipping away.Pam justifies that Mitch is just a friend.Meanwhile,reece discovers that Gerald had left most of his money to him,but now wants to change his will to leave it to Pam.

Gerald collapses in front of Reece who does not offer asistance,realising that Geralds death will ensure that he (reece)inherits.However,Gerald survives but is unable to communicate that reece left him to die.He repeatedly tries to tell others but Reece thwarts his efforts.

Pam makes love to Mitch and tells Reece.He says he understands and wants to save his marriage.Reece then he hooks up with his own lover ,a schemer like himself...and the plot thickens...
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