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This may not fit here but instead of proposing a story I am just taking what is on the ATWT canvas now and taking off on it,or a fall preview my way if you will..........

Lisa and Carly repair their fractured relationship. Lisa gives Carly some pointers with Jack and hires her to redecorate the Mona Lisa which she plans to reopen.

Barbara insinuates herself in Paul and Rosanna's life. She goes gunning for revenge against Craig and Meg and swallows her pride to work with Lucinda to get her company back.

Kim chews out Brad and Katie when the latest ratings show that their show is faltering. She reminds Maddie,Luke and Noah that WOAK is a place of business and to take their personal problems elsewhere.
Lyla has a medical crisis and Katie has to leave town for a while to tend to her.

When Noah and Luke start at Oakdale U they are assigned as room mates.
The Colonel is gone,Noah is out of the closet and ready to have fun and not ready to settle down with anyone which upsets Luke.
Maddie learns Casey is being released from prison.

Nancy becomes concerned when Bob is caught in a lie concerning his whereabouts. He is constantly away from home. It is revealed that he has become Susan's AA counselor and when Kim finds out,the sh!t hits the fan.

As Tom delves in to Dusty's case he begins to interview Cheri's employees and clients. The journalist in him decides to write a book.The cop in Margo doesn't like that he is bending some rules to get his story. The wife in Margo is upset too.

Casey is released from prison and he is escorted home by his grandfather,John Dixon who was a prison doctor. While in prison,Casey submitted to a much stonger inmate to survive. Emotionally he is a wreck and an HIV test shows he is positive.

Because no one cared about Cole and Sophie one day they leave and are never heard from again.

Will and Gwen leave town to get away from Iris. Iris follows them,

Aaron and Ali begin to mend fences as mama Julie (and Caleb)returns to town to put a stop to it. Julie soon insinuates herself in to several storylines just to show Oakdale what a real bitch can be like. (Bye,bye Iris!)

Henry and Vienna split and he returns to his shady bend the rules ways.

When Emily returns to Oakdale,she learns she has competition for Dusty's affections: Lily! Emily and Holden begin to bond over ther romance woes.

Parker becomes involved in a gang in high school who break in to Oakdale homes in the middle of the night. JJ is the good brother who tries to steer Parker away from the gang. Faith who wants to be accepted by anybody becomes involved.A tragic situation will marr the Snyder annual Thanksgiving holidays.

Speaking of holidays,between Thanksgiving and New Years missing Hughes,Snyder and Stewart families will make their way back to Oakdale for the holidays.
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