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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Not that much to say about today's epi because I thought it was pretty boring.

The highlight for me was the EJ-Steve/EJ-Roman confrontation, but even that was just kinda ehhhh compared to the intensity of last week. I found it curious they gave that line to EJ about him knowing the Steve that howls at the moon. "I made him." Um, isn't that kind of a confession, EJ? But I guess the Salem P.D. is too busy trying to drum up new charges on EJ for being a parking ticket scofflaw to notice. In any event though, I'm glad that EJ is not overreacting to this development and is totally on to the Bradys. In this whole EJ redemption stuff I feel like they've taken away some of his arrogance and omniscience and honestly I liked those things about him even when he was mega-evil.

Max and Stephanie... ummmm... you know I didn't think I had any issue with them before as my main objections to the pairing last fall was that I thought Darin Brooks and Shayna Rose had like negative chemistry, but I just.can't.get.into.them. I'm sad to see Rawlings go and when the commercial break happened and Max and Stephanie were out of the plane I found myself wishing we could have stuck with Rawlings and his angels instead to see what they were going to do next.

Phillip and Belle... I just don't care. I like the chemistry between JKJ and MM better than BB and MM, but I'm just so bored and this storyline is hardly ever on it seems like so it just can't gain any momentum. I wish they could give Phillip more to do than pine for Belle or chase after a kid. I mean who the hell is running Titan these days anyway?

I guess it's good that Shawn is getting a real job with the police and if they are foreshadowing that Shawn will get shot in the line of duty with all the worry Hope and Bo have about that prospect then I could dig this storyline. But did Bo ever mention the fact that Shawn used to work for the DiMeras? Wasn't that a big sticking point for Bo when Patrick wanted to be a cop? Which reminds me... whatever happened to that sworn statement Bo wanted from Shawn to try to bring down EJ? Guess that one just went to the great big pile of dropped plot points in the sky along with so many other things under Hogan.

The Steve and Kayla scenes were pretty cute and I like that Kayla insisted they not keep the truth from their daughter.

Hopefully things pick up again later this week. I am not optimistic that Tuesday's show will be much better, unfortunately.
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