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Today's show was okay for me. I agree with those who say it's a little slow for a Monday, especially considering the excitement of last week and considering this week marks the loss of Passions and Days having to sink or swim with no other leadin/leadout.

That being said, it wasn't bad, just a little meh.

I get why the writers are putting Max & Stephanie together. They have some really good chemistry. But I'm still not able to get past the fact that he's her uncle. I might be able to handle it better yet if they actually discussed the fact that her mother is his sister. The line, "My brothers are Bo and Roman. Her father's Steve" was such a tortured way of avoiding saying "she and I are related." Rawlings was funny in a slimeball kind of way and I think they missed a big opportunity by not having him make fun of the fact that they're uncle and neice and clearly attracted to each other. By having someone point out the elephant in the room, at least the audience knows the writers aren't ignoring it and it might make it easier to deal with.

I enjoyed the scene between Bo and Shawn except it made me NUTS that Shawn just charged into a crime scene and expected to chat with Daddy about his career plans. First of all, Shawn, if you're going to be a cop, you might want to respect the integrity of a crime scene. Second, being a cop means you can't always stop (what Shawn believed to be) a murder investigation to chat with your son. Those annoyances aside, I liked the bonding in the scene and I thought Bo did a good job in laying out what being a cop is all about. I also loved "We have this crazy habit of talking about our kids."

I really loved the Steve/Kayla scenes at the police station. I loved seeing the swagger back in Steve's step after getting a blow or two back at the Dimeras. And I loved the raw sexual tension between them when he said "I'm a dangerous man, baby. You'll have to feed me." That's the way to sell a scene. I was shocked to see EJ admit to Roman that he "made" Crazy!Steve. I guess he's not even pretending anymore that he wasn't a part of the torture and brainwashing.

I see a lot of chemistry between Phillip and Belle (a lot more than she has with Shawn anyway) but Phillip HAS to get his anger under control. On what planet did he think it's okay to physically attack a woman in a battered women's shelter?? Much less one holding a baby. He's lucky he got out of there with a bump on the head. He could/should have been on his way to jail.
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