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Do you ever have those days where you come across a certain line in dialogue on your soap(s)? And/or you see an old article...and you wonder... "What ever happened to ole Whathisface?"

Name some of the ones you wonder about and maybe we can work together to figure out where they all are.

Jessica Dunphy
(I know she's finished a movie "Margaret", but I wonder what she has line up next?!)

Peyton List
(As a psychotically obsessed fan, I know she's been working non stop, but there was about a good week after she quit ATWT that I didn't know what she was up to. She's been on OTH, WAT, CSI, CSI Miami, some short-lived ABC series, Windfall, filmed Greatest Game, Deep Winter, some Shuttle movie perhaps?, and is now filming a new movie.)

Napiera Danielle
(I hope she comes back if they do bring the character back. She was perfect for the role. Although, I don't see a need for the character right now...not with only one AfricanAmerican on the show)

Peter Parros
(We never got official word he was being let go, no final airdate, an appearance on CSI Miami and now, he's vanished...)

Jennifer Ferrin
(After a BRIEF appearance on Rescue Me and two episode of 3 lb, she too has vanished from the screen.)

Kim Onasch
(Perhaps at Burger King?)

Todd Rotondi

Craig Lawlor
(I believe he has his own band now....?)

Kristina Sisco
(Passions never kept her...which is a shame....but where is she now?)

Finn Carter
(Anyone seen her recently?)

Yalls turn..............
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