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There must be something wrong with me, because I just never saw any chemistry between Max and Abby. IMO, they didn't suit at all. Part of the problem may be that although I think Ashley Benson is a beautiful girl, she seemed to sleepwalk through her scenes, not showing much emotion at all. To be fair, she wasn't given much material to work with, but I still think she could have done better than just seeming bored all the time. And I've never cared for Max. His first impression was a bad one, and I've never seen anything out of him that changed my mind. I don't hate him; I just don't care.

As for Monday's show, the highlight was the Steve/Kayla scenes. They were very good, and there was a lot of playful yet sexy chemistry between them. The lowlight was Philip barging into the women's shelter and attacking Lauren--he should have been arrested. I'm so tired of him and his anger management issues. And Belle defended him, saying he'd never harm a woman! I think Mimi, Willow and Gabby would all have something to say about that.
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