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Steve Frame
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Pretty good show today. Better than yesterday's but still nothing to brag fully about.

I think they are doing a little better about mixing characters up some. It doesn't seem like there are 5 days of anyone again. Carly/Katie/Jack get close though.

The Paul/Craig/Meg/Rosanna stuff I found more interesting today. I loved Paul's confrontation with Meg. And loved Craig's bantering with Parker (at least I think that was Parker). I was working and was just listening then.

Scott Bryce is just so refreshing as Craig.

I loved Holden & Lily. I am so loving that they are giving them a story. It is predictable in many ways that I know Lily is going to have an affair with Dusty (oh how I wish it was Brian Bloom) but it is still nice to see them get some nice scenes.

Even though I am loving that JP is spreading things out a little I still wish she would she include the older vets more. I love Lucinda when she is on but it is still not enough. It seems like they have dropped the Susan drinking stuff. When was the last time they even showed it. I was so looking forward to that playing out.

Even if she doesn't give them a big story there is still so much support they could give the stories. Lisa so needs to be involved in Carly's story. Carly needs Lisa back in her life. I always saw Carly as a young Lisa and loved the interaction between "mother" character and "daughter" character.

Still it is nice to have several stories going at once. It has been awhile that we have had this many stories to choose from. Not all of them are hits, but at least there are more than 2 or 3 going on.
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