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Viewing Single Post From: Days Weekly Discussion
Sep 11 2007, 02:20 PM
I just don't get why Hogan is so gung-ho on writing for Max and Stephanie as a couple. He firmly said that he didn't want incest on this show and was determined to end it, but now, a year later, we're back to the same couple that he wanted to break up? It doesn't make sense. Is Hogan even writing this storyline? I mean, at least they are referring to the fact that Max is Stephanie's uncle, which they totally overshadowed last year. But still, it's gross.

Here's to hoping Abby comes back, or they at least bring on someone new for Max. I don't see it happening though, sadly. :(

I don't understand this either. He made such a point of "no more incest". The only explanation I can come up with is that someone is really pushing to keep the character of Max, and Hogan can't come up with anything else to do with him.
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