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Interesting thread. I only watch Days so I'll have to focus on it.

Bo: I think his preference would be to sleep in nothing but with kids in and out of the house I'll say boxers. Maybe flannel jammy bottoms in the winter

Steve: Nothing (he's said so on more than one occasion)

John: tighty-whities (no idea why) or maybe nude

Roman: baggy boxers and and old t-shirt

EJ: boxer-briefs or silk boxers

Lucas: boxers (haven't we seen him in those?)

Nick: boxers (ditto)

Abe: pajama bottoms and a t-shirt

Victor: silk pajamas

Stefano: silk pajamas

Tony: silk pajamas - bottoms only

Old Man Brady: cotton pajamas (top and bottom)

Jett: Naked, with no sheets or blankets in front of a full lenth window
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