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Sep 11 2007, 07:02 PM
Sep 11 2007, 02:20 PM
I just don't get why Hogan is so gung-ho on writing for Max and Stephanie as a couple. He firmly said that he didn't want incest on this show and was determined to end it, but now, a year later, we're back to the same couple that he wanted to break up? It doesn't make sense. Is Hogan even writing this storyline? I mean, at least they are referring to the fact that Max is Stephanie's uncle, which they totally overshadowed last year. But still, it's gross.

Here's to hoping Abby comes back, or they at least bring on someone new for Max. I don't see it happening though, sadly. :(

I know. I'm guessing he wasn't planning on Benson leaving and the budget issues. He just really likes Darrin.

Trevor Donovan has REALLY stepped up his acting the last two weeks.

I agree about Trevor. He has really improved over the summer and the last few episodes he has appeared have shown great strides.

In regards to Max and Stephanie, I like the chemistry and their scenes today reminded me of a classic Days supercouple scene (ex. J&J in the cave). The bickering and the fire in a cave...I will admit the scenes were well done and the acting and writing were great. I also appreciate them not skirting around the issue of him being her uncle. I guess it's not that bad. I like both actors and it's not a blood related issue. It still has an ick factor but if they keep writing it like they did today, I just may be able to overcome it. I don't think this is Hogan's work. I think Benson's exit, along with Fath's, left Hogan in a touch place. Max did nothing in the spring so my feeling was Hogan had no further interest in him. He said he liked him at first but wanted to make him a leading man. That's hard to do when his love interests left. I think Corday and/or Wyman pushed to keep the young ones front and center and Corday likes his young couplings (ex. Shelle) so Hogan probably had no choice but to go Max/Stephanie. I just can't see Hogan going on and on about not doing something and then doing it willingly a year later. It's far to blatant of a flip flop IMO.

Enjoyed Kayla/Chelsea too as it's nice seeing family interacting again. Nice scenes and MBE was fierce today when she told Jeremy off. Trevor was good in those scenes and loved Nick's involvement. Also, nice seeing Bo interact with his daughter. I always like that. The scene with Nick and the kids at the end after hanging up with Chelsea was cute. That was a nice Chick scene.

Belle/Philip was solid too. Good movement in story and JKJ and Martha have some great chemistry going on. I love this Tyler story and I really like Lauren. She would be a great psycho. Good scenes.

I actually thought today would be bad but I enjoyed it more then yesterday. Go figure.
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