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Sep 11 2007, 07:24 PM
The time slot moves will though. They will either help a little or hurt alot. We won't know until next week and it makes me worried even thinking about it.

I don't see the timeslot move helping at all. I see the ratings either staying stagnant or dropping. Maybe not in the first week, but definitely sooner rather than later. I'm hoping this isn't the case, for the sake of the fans of the show and daytime altogether.

And I bring up PASSIONS because I think many people tend to underestimate its appeal and success outside of those of us who know and love the genre. NBC, over the past decade, has made a name for itself as being a network devoted to campy daytime soap opera. I hope the audience that is with DAYS is there because of the show, not for the camp value of the show. Because I believe those fans will leave with PASSIONS and the fans that have been dicked over in the past that really want good storytelling and not the same ole BS will either be too stubborn to tune into DAYS because they've been there a thousand times with it, or they'll have to be majorly lured back with a stunt that gets everyone talking again, but that doesn't have the camp/shock value attached to it.

I don't see Days dropping below GL though. Although, who knows, all of daytime is falling and some of those dailies, especially for the CBS shows last week, were terrible.

It could happen at any time, but the only way I can see DAYS dropping below GL in the ratings is if a major affiliate places it in the graveyard shift(after Last Call w/Carson) or drop the show altogether.

DAYS still has a prayer because, at least right now, its airing in the afternoon during the soap opera block. If stations choose not to carry the show, that's when you'll see Kreizman and Wheeler happy again(b/c they'll bump back up to being next to last in the ratings).
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