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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Man, I didn't think Andre could get creepier than he was as the tranny at the gym two weeks ago, but now Thaao has to go and prove me wrong with today's episode. Wow. They are really giving him some crazy stuff but IMO he is selling the hell out of it and somehow keeping it intense rather than camp. At least not bad camp anyway. LOVED the music too when he came in. EEEEEEEEEEEEEk! Soooooo creepy. Especially because Andre wasn't just a creepy sociopathic stabby clown but a horny one too apparently the way he was all up on Sami on the bed. Now that said, I do have to wonder how the hell Andre is such a quick change artist that he went from the clown to the old lady in one commercial break.

Shawn needs to get over Belle sharing time with Phillip. So sick of their baby drama all the time. If they are going to torture us with this triangle forever at least give us something besides a baby to ignite its drama.

To my surprise, I like Stephanie and Max now I guess. My objection before wasn't the related/not related issue but I wasn't sold on their chemistry. The past two days convinced me maybe there is something there. I would like them better though if they acknowledged the elephant in the room at some moment either with them talking about how weird their situation is or Kayla not liking their relationship.

Yay for Sami calling out Roman for the BS about her needing to be a "good little girl." But man my Roman hate came on FIERCE in this episode. He knew that Andre was on the loose and had just tried to kill her so why exactly didn't he post a guard outside Sami's door before the clown held a knife to her throat? And would Andre putting a knife to her throat all if it wasn't for this whole convoluted fake funeral plot that stemmed from the Salem PD abusing their power to prevent EJ from legally and willingly donating his liver to Stefano? I wonder. Plus, I think it's total crap that he was going to try to lie to Sami that Stefano was really dead. Time after time, Sami's family does nothing but use her as bait and put her in dangerous situations where she becomes a victim of this feud yet whenever she makes the case that she wants to take an active role in ending it they always belittle her and pat her on the end and condescend to her. It's sooooo obnoxious. Stupid Bradys.
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