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I just watched Monday..

It was a good episode.

I hope they are going somewhere with Skye and Ric. Robin and Rick would ROCK together!

I am really confused about Nikolas' sudden behavior. This all came out of nowhere! :lol: Wondering what's going on there...

I didn't like how they put Lucky in a hot tub with Sam, while Liz is alone and in danger. Now it's gonna be like: "You went to be with Sam, instead of protecting Elizabeth..." So saint Elizabeth will be able to blame Lucky for everything again... <_<

But I do like how they are going after Elizabeth! Hopefully, this will bring out the truth about Jake's paternity. Lucky and Liz will never be able to move on until EVERYTHING is out in the open.

Laticia's murder aftermath was good. I wish Jax and Sonny would face off!

Jerry is annoying me still. I wish he would be gone. I think he is the most annoying new character this year. The actor is great, but the character...

Good show! Looking forward to the next show! :)
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