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Ok. That's it. I don't know if it was Hogan or Ed's changes but I am sold on Max/Stephanie. Between the chemistry, the acting, and the writing...I have come to like them. Now, hopefully, they keep this kind of quality up with them because their scenes today and the last few days were classic Days. It reminded me of past couples like J&J when they were in a cave stranded. Loved it. Also liked Bo and Kayla showing up and the reactions. Kayla letting Stephanie in on the Stefano plot was nice too.

Shawn/Belle/Philip is enjoyable right now because, finally, they are moving this story. It feels important now and this should really be the B story. Hopefully, with TTS over, it will be. I am glad it's getting more airtime. Nice seeing Claire and good acting and writing for these scenes. I love seeing realistic conflict. This isn't just your cut and dry triangle. Shelle just can't get out of their own way and it's a brilliant conflict IMO.

Loved Andre today. Thaoo is playing him flawlessly. The music was so creepy and went well with his voice and mannerisms. Good job by Ali too as she played just the right amount of fear in her scenes without going overboard. I like the look on Roman's face too after Sami told him Andre figured it out. He knew they failed :lol: . Andre as the old woman at the end was funny too. Love his disguises.

Pretty good today. The next two days look like the start of the big stuff. Oh, and for people who wanted a Anna/Roman/Kate/Tony quad...watch tomorrow. I SO see it coming now!!
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