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H: I get more mail from EJ/Sami supporters (EJami) now than Lucas/Sami (Lumi). How do you feel about that?

BD: Fine. Most of my conversations are through Lumi, as you might expect, so those are positive. But I get a lot of backlash from EJami, because Iíve kidded around in online chats with Lumi fans about EJami fans and how they eat their young. But thatís just me being me. I know there are rape victims out there who frown on the connection between Sami and EJ. I think that is kind of insulting to those people and I would like to apologize to them for that. On a more positive note, I think Ali [Sweeney] and James [Scottís] chemistry is amazing and EJami itself is a great thing for Lucas. Maybe he can play his own storyline now.

CH: You mean stop being the third leg of a love triangle?

BD: I think itís time for Lumi to close a chapter, if not the book. Public perception is starting to be that Lucas is a punk, a doormat, a pushover, and itís frustrating to me as an actor. You try to pick moments to be strong, but they need you to cater to Sami. Iím working on trying to stick up for Lucas a little more. Donít get me wrong, I am totally happy. But Lucasí arms are tired from carrying Sami. She is a full load!

CH: Youíd be okay if Sami and EJ became a supercouple?

BD: Yeah. I think Sami and EJ have the ability to be a supercouple like Luke and Laura. If the audience could get past the rape thing, they could be the next Bo and Hope, or John and Marlena. They have a choice to accept it and allow the main connection between them to be Santo and Colleen, and their history.

CH: With no Lucas?

BD: Iím aware that my role might shrink in size because of that. Iíve always been a team player. Iím willing to lay down a bunt; I donít always have to hit the home run. Thatís cool with me. They have great chemistry and that should be explored.

CH: Do you think Lucas has suffered as a character because of everything Sami has done to end the Brady/DiMera vendetta?

BD: Itís been hard lately, because everywhere I go, people are like, ďWhy is Lucas so dumb? Do you think we are stupid? Who would put up with that?Ē So in that aspect. I look forward to whatever new way they try to take it.

CH: What kind of story would you like?

BD: The single-father storyline is something untouched in daytime. Iím a single father myself and that would be a great angle to show with Lucas.

CH: A story with Will? Or with the twins?

BD: Whether they are both his babies, or one is his baby Ė Iíve heard a lot of rumors Ė that is something uncharted. There are a lot of single fathers out there who step up but the Deadbeat Dad kind of reigns supreme. Having a song whoís autistic with special needs, itís taken a lot for me to raise him. I would love to pour that same energy into this story.

CH: Is there a woman on the canvas that you think would be good for Lucas besides Sami?

BD: Off the top of my head, Chelsea. Sheís trouble but she has a very good upside. But I donít really see anybody for Lucas, because everyone is pretty well-established in their own storylines. It would be refreshing if someone from the past was brought in; someone connected to a major family who runs into Lucas, and sees qualities in him as a single father and a responsible man.

CH: And if not that?

BD: Whoever! Iíll take Hope. Iíll take Julie.

CH: How about Marlena?

BD: Iíve always had a thing for older women, so I wouldnít close the door on that!

CH: But in the endÖ

BD: Lucas will fight for Sami. He will not give in to the demands of the DiMeras. Lucas will not give up on his love.

Glad to see even Bryan gets power o Ejami and wants Lucas away from the next super couple in Salem.
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