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Shitty stories and lack of balance aside, I think they also need to focus on finding (and properly integrating) fresh, young, charismatic actors.

I just scrolled through the entertainment section of Yahoo! news, and there was Susan Lucci's face next to an article about the storyline with Kendall's son, with Lucci's character name in the headline. The story was discussed but she was the lure.

Quality only has so much value in terms of increasing the audience. They need to find more Lucci's- likable actors who understand that they probably don't have enough talent to be as big a star outside of daytime as they can be staying in the genre. And they can either look for new people or try to leverage what they've got (like what Days/NBC seems to be doing with Sweeney).

With all their focus on new ways to reach the audience, and with Disney's experience at creating stars, I'm honestly a bit surprised they haven't done more in this area.
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