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^ My face watching DAYS

Mason AKA Hogan
Sep 12 2007, 10:09 PM
I don't think DAYS could afford MTS right now, even if this rumor did have any truth to it.

Deidre vs. Melody is hilarious! (if true) :lol:

Well there is that now infamous SOAP OPERA AWARD incident between Deidre and Melody.

The two of them were both nominated against each other for Lead Actress and when the presenters said "Deidre Hall" Melody in her reaction shot, mouthed the word "Deidre Hall" and then proceeded to role her eyes in disgust. She then laughed and kept whispering to another female at the Y&R table during Deidre's acceptance.

I have the entire thing on tape and if I ever knew how to get something on VHS onto the net I will upload it and share it will all of you (it is truly delish!!)

MTS definetly looked like a cunty little bitch on that awards show and it REALLY pissed me off, because before I saw that, I completely respected and ADORED MTS.

I still would love her on DAYS, she is a great actress and is very entertaining to watch.
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