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SOW: Did you ever envision EJ turning into such a pivotal character?

JS: No. I've been lucky that it's evolved into that. I don't know if that was the idea when I came on. Maybe it's just what came about. I was lucky with the character. I was lucky with the material. I was also very lucky that it played to my strength a bit. I like being a charming little bastard. Can you print that? It all seemed to work.

SOW: What are your thoughts when you learned Thaao Penghlis and Joseph Mascolo were returning as fellow DiMeras?

JS: I saw it as a story moving into a new area. It was good in a number of ways. I certainly found the opportunity to work with Thaao and Joe challenging and rewarding.

SOW: Did you feel any pressure to keep up with such day time legends?

JS: It's hard to escape Thaao's shadow. He's been around for such a long time. There's almost nothing he doesn't know. Obviously, that can be a little intimidating at times.

SOW: What about Joe and the whole aura of Stefano?

JS: That was funny. Joe called me "Elvis' for the first week he came on, in front of and behind the cameras. "Hey, Elvis, how ya doin?" I'd say, "Okay. But it's James, actually." "Nah, Elvis." Joe's very nice, and he has a warm heart. He and Thaao are both larger than life. They play big characters of strength and are both very charming.

SOW: Do you take issue with anything else about American soaps?

JS: One of the problems I have with daytime is that they tackle hard issues in a very soft way. You don't tackle issues like rape, murder and various different crimes in a way that betrays the issue. You don't take the punch out of it if you're going to have a topic like that. You're only diluting your own story, you're own program with your own content, if you don't address in the [proper] way.

SOW: It sounds like you're referring to the Sami/EJ rape.

JS: Oh, that's a joke. Come on. The rape was a step too far.

SOW: In that it's been swept under the rug with no after effect for Sami?

JS: Yes. It's hard, although it's easier for me to play the rapist. It's tougher for Alison (Sweeney, Sami). EJ sees it as an invasion. In his head, he thinks that he is the one for Sami. It's stupid, I've got to be honest. It's a bit of a quantum leap to think that this girl was raped, didn't have to have any therapy, and was able to bounce back and be completely fine, because we don't want to deal with the potential and fallout of that. That's the stuff that dilutes the show. I sincerely believe that all these things I'm bitching and moaning about are going to be tightened up considerably under the new direction of Ed Scott. Just in the short time he's been here, there's been a significant change. There has been a serious force that's come through the show since he turned up. You can see it on the monitors. You can see it in the taping. You hear it from the actors who are walking off the set. There's sense of direction that hasn't been there [before].

SOW: Were you at all hesitant about playing the character that was pitted between Sami and Lucas?

JS: Not at all. I thought it would be a fun thing to do, take the perfect little couple and drive a wedge between them. I like playing that. I like that when it was a little less obvious who this guy was, when there was a little more mystery to him. That was a good time to be EJ.

SOW: How do you feel about that aspect of American daytime, 'the shirtless man syndrome?"

JS: If it's appropriate, then I feel it's fine. If it's just for the sake of [doing it], it's not. There was one scene when I got started on the show where I was going out to get the mail. I bumped into Austin, and we had a long conversation, almost rubbing nipples with each other. It was completely pointless. There are other scenes where it's appropriate. But the nice thing about being a bad guy is that nobody really wants to sleep with you. So there aren't a lot of shirts coming off for EJ.

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