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I loved todays show. The use of the vets was great. I loved the tension between Kate and Anna. What a sight for those two to go after one another.

Major chemistry between Philip and Belle, oh I desperatly wanted them to kiss, and then she wanted to take a shower. Sure ya did Belle. (o/t is she wearing the same jacket as Dani on BB?)

I thought Hope told Shawn things he needed to hear. Then when Shawn and Kate had their few words I was shocked, didn't see that coming. I also wonder where he is. You would think he would have heard the knocking on the door and Kate yelling if he was in the back.

The Roman and dead Stefano scenes were great. I aboslutely loved it. Him stating he felt bad this whole time thinking it was his fault and in reality it wasn't Roman's fault at all. Then he pulled the gun. I knew he wouldn't shoot, but it was still a great commercial break.

I missed most of the Santeen/EJami stuff, but found it rather odd that Sami and EJ were picturing themselves right there w/Santo and Colleen. Guess I will have to watch it again later to hopefully understand what I missed.

Tomorrow looks like another great day with the vets.
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